PD Additive Synthesis

On recommendation, I decided to download Pure Data and give it a bash. Pure Data is very similar to Max for Live and ticks all the boxes for music programming;

  1. Intuitive and simple
  2. Open source
  3. Great support and community
  4. Potential to manipulate visuals, MIDI, audio, OSC etc.
  5. Even potential to utilize the Arduino microcontroller via the Firmata library

I’ve even found resources online explaining how to host Pure Data patches in Ableton Live to create your own plug-in’s. I can see this being a future experiment!

For my first patch I built a basic additive synthesiser that takes a MIDI note, converts it to a frequency and then splits it to two destinations. The first is a sine wave oscillator, and the second frequency is multiplied by two to create an octave of the tone, and sent to a sawtooth oscillator. The two waves are then combined, displayed in a graph and send out via the ‘dac~’ object.

Patch below…

Yes if finally tidied up my desktop. It was an unprecedented mess.


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