Just a little something I found on my journey through the web today. A nice open source bridge between Android and the Arduino. The implications of linking your apps with physical hardware could be phenomenal. Too bad I still have an iPhone for now 😦

Definately something to delve into one day. Check out Amarino here:



3 responses to “Amarino

  1. Ganesh Thamilselvan


    I am doing a project which consist of a arduino mega and a bluetooth module. My aim is to send a simple message to the HTC phone via bluetooth. Simply once a led is turn on high the buzzer goes off and the signal is sent to the htc phone. I aint sure whether my program is right or wrong. Can somebody please help me with this. I am very lost. This is my program. Your help will be much appreciated.really!!

    Best regards


    MeetAndroid meetAndroid;

    int buzzer = 48; // Buzzer connected to digital pin 48
    int ledPin = 50; // the number of the LED pin 50

    // variables will change:
    int ledState = 0; // variable for reading the led status

    void setup()
    pinMode(ledPin,INPUT); // pin 13 led as OUTPUT
    pinMode(buzzer, OUTPUT); // pin 48 buzzer as OUTPUT
    Serial.begin(115200); // start serial communication at 115200bps


    void loop()
    ledState = digitalRead(ledPin);

    if( ledState == HIGH ) // if ‘HIGH’ was received
    digitalWrite(buzzer, HIGH); // turn ON the buzzer
    Serial.print(“Door is opened\r\n”); // print the message when the Mega received input from Serial1
    delay(5000); // delay 5 seconds
    meetAndroid.receive(); // read input pin and send result to Android
    meetAndroid.send(digitalRead(ledPin)); // add a little delay otherwise the phone is pretty busy
    digitalWrite(buzzer, LOW); // otherwise turn it OFF
    delay(1000); // wait 1000ms for next reading



    • Hi Ganesh, I haven’t got round to messing with amarino yet, so I wouldn’t be too good at debugging your code im afraid. Do stay in touch though, when I can get the parts i will be diving into it! What bluetooth module are you using for the arduino?

      • Ganesh Thamilselvan

        Hey spencer,

        Thanks for your reply, I am using the bluetooth module I purchased from sparkfun, I have attached the link below. I am quite curious , when will ya be purchasing the parts :). I am actually doing this for a school project. Its not a personel interest actually but if I can get it to work , man I am the happeiest person. Only amarino makes it easier to send a signal from arduino to andriod. Are you well verse with sending a signal from one rf transceiver to another?

        Best Regards

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