5 Days of HTML5 (Prelude)

A few years back, I was officially done with website design. The everyday market was stale, clients still didn’t know what they wanted with a website and there was very little room for creativity. All in all, I was sick of churning the same carbon copy websites out.

Fast forward to present day and the game has taken some serious and exciting changes. Smart phones are becoming cheaper to obtain and produce by the week and thus more accessible. WIFI spots are growing rapidly, tablets like the iPad are being introduced as a step between laptops and smartphones. We’re entering the foreseen era of ubiquitous computing.

Now the client knows what they want, because they’ve seen the impossible done. They’re familiar with social networking, perhaps even marketing savvy, and they’ve seen contemporary and creative website design, use of Flash and Javascript for interactivity etc.

I’ve decided it’s time to get back into the game. With the introduction of HTML5 we’re seeing the first major step towards true cross compatibility and native browser support for interactivity, video and audio.

So, starting Monday, I present to you my 5 day tutorial entitled “5 Days of HTML5”. Each day i’ll be posting a tutorial covering a nice bite of HTML5.

By the end of it, we’ll have a stylish, organised, professional HTML5 website. I’ll be introducing you to the new tags in HTML5, teaching you tricks I use to keep my code organised, and maybe touch on some interactive stuff.

5 Days of HTML5. Coming Monday.


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